Nitta Lab.
About Our Laboratory
We have been working on the reseraches on the basis and the application in artificial intelligence in Nitta laboratory since Prof. Nitta arrives at his post in April, 1996. Assistant Prof. Yasumura joined in April, 1998 and Assistant Prof. Katagami joined the laboratory in April, 2002. Assistant Prof. Yasumura was transferred as Assistant Prof. to Department of Engineering, University of Kobe in May, 2004, to the present date.
Research Areas
  • Theory of Inference based on Logic Programming
  • Multi Agent Systems
  • Legal Reasoning Systems
  • Dialogue Support Systems
  • Interactive Evolutionary Robotics
  • Human Agent Interaction using Animated Agent
  • Information Recommendation Systems based on World Wide Web
  • and other Knowledge Information Control Technology
Research Pollicy
The main aim of reseach and education in Nitta laboratory is to develop the information processing technologies and apply them to the actual domains such as law, education, welfare, and so on. To achieve this goal, we must study not only the basic technologies but also the application technologies. If we don't have suffient domain knowledge, we shall only develop toy systems. To develop useful systems which are applicable to the actual problems, the collaborative research with domain experts is necessary. We have developed several application systems with lawyers, biologists, educational psychologists and a volunteer group of disabled persons.

Nitta Laboratory
Department of Computational Intelligence and Systems Science
Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Engineering
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